What is Eurocoin® and what is its project?

EUROCOIN is a European virtualcurrency created and developed by Eurocoin Broker.
Eurocoin is being launched during 2017 through Starter Packs and today it is easy and affordable to acquire one of these packages.
Eurocoin was born with the responsibility of becoming a cryptocurrency.
Eurocoin Broker has set a business plan whith the object put a total of 100,000,000 Eurocoin untilthe end of 2018.




Our Pillars

Founder & CEO
Founder & CEO
Herminio Fernández de Blas
Herminio Fernández De Blas

“I think EUC will be able to bring value and fulfill the mission of taking us to a more transparent and fair world”

Eurocoin Broker S.A. Location
Eurocoin Broker S.A. Situation

CIF: A24699704
24010 - León

EUC Patent
Registered Trademark Eurocoin

Registered by EBK in December 2016

Smart Contract
BlockChain Smart Contract
BlockChain Smart Contract

Our Smart Contract is defined as a payment platform for Multinational, SMEs and Commerce through our Eurocoin tokens

Start Packages for Clients

The way to start in Eurocoin is through the purchase of one of the client Start Packages, after that, you can buy Eurocoin in the Platform.

Basic Package

Basic Package
Contain 1.600 EUC

350,00 €

Become a Client
Medium Package

Medium Package
Contain 5.700 EUC

1.200,00 €

Become a Client
Premium package

Premium Package
Contain 10.000 EUC

2.000,00 €

Become a Client


Eurocoin logo
Eurocoin Broker

EUROCOIN® Trademark in the EU

Foundation of Eurocoin Broker S.A. (EBK)

Public presentation and launch of EUROCOIN® (EUC) as virtual currency

Delivery of BackOffice to Clients

Creation of Eurocoins tokens for Smart Contract BlockChain

Evolution and change of image of EUROCOIN® and Eurocoin Broker S.A.

1,000 first Clients

Project Launched of Improvement EBK Platform BackOffice

Implementation of Platform for PURCHASE and SALE of BTC and ETH without commissions for ours clients and into de Wallets of Eurocoin


Implementation of new line of BIDS PER CLICK in EUC

Start up of Eurocoins tokens until the end of 2018

Our Smart Contract development team will complete the project to distribute our tokens

Delivery of Eurocoin Cryptocurrency so that through Wallets Clients can take their coins to International Exchanges

Release of ICOs of our currency

Completion of the project and commercialization of our Smart Contract through Multinational, SMEs or Commerces so that in a global way they can make their purchases and transactions through Eurocoins payment gateways using our BlockChain

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

The EUROCOIN (EUC) is a virtual currency with the release of numbered and defined units.

They are received as a gift with the purchase of the Starter Clients Packs and also can be purchased in the trading Exchange of EBK platform.

Eurocoin Broker is a company that complies with all the regulations of the Spanish Government.

Only one Client Package if able to own, as a physical person or as a company.

All Eurocoin Client registrations are made through the BackOffice, either from the web https://backoffice.eurocoinbroker.com/public/prealta.aspx or from the link of the person who presented us the Platform of Online Business EBK.

NO. The Client is not authorized to assign, sell or transfer to third ones it Clients's condition, nor the rights and obligations established in the contract between the Company and the Client.

At the legal, and tax level every Clients, in each of their countries of residence, are obligated to declare their income and to pay the corresponding taxes in their case.

EBK will never receive cash payments from any Client. The economic transactions between EBK and the Client, for different concepts and in any country, will be carried out by any of the following payment systems:

  • Bank transfer to accounts authorized for this purpose
  • Money card

All Clients have available the invoices of all their purchases in their virtual office or BackOffice, both the issued and received, since the Platform also is responsible for generating the self-invoices that Clients must issue for their sales of currency.

EBK will never make cash payments to any Client. The systems adopted for the payment to Clients for the different concepts and in any country, are the following:

  • Bank transfer to accounts authorized for this purpose
  • Money card

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